These are some suggestions on what to do in preparation of our session together.  


  • Don't do anything crazy/unusual with your hair/clothes/make-up.  I believe that you look your best in your images when you look like you most normally look like.   Why do your hair in a wildly new way just for a photo when you never do that in real life?  The big reason for this is that if you're over concerned with how you look since you're doing something new, you won't relax and it'll show in your images.  Style yourself in a way that makes you most comfortable, not how you think you "Need" to look for a portrait. Trust me on this. 
  • Clothing for group/couple shots:  I hate hate hate the whole "let's all wear the same color shirts" cheese you see on so many family portraits.  It sucks.  It relates to my first point, when do you ever do this in real life??  By doing this we're creating a fake memory that you'll always know is completely fake and unnatural.  Do you want that?  If you demand this, maybe find someone else to do it?
  • I really love the idea of finding an external location for family/group shots, but can just as easily work inside your home/office if needed. We'll discuss space requirements if needed to do indoors/studio.
  • With young kids, think about their nap schedule when planning things with me. A tired baby/kid is an unhappy and not very photogenic kid! And remember, you're paying me by the hour. 



  •  Pick someone that will be in charge of herding family & friends to me for the photos. I don't know everyone and can't remember who needs to be in the shots outside the obvious ones; moms, dads, siblings.. the rest is up to you to tell me about.