I'm a thief.. I'm a Creator!

Welcome to my website and my first ever venture into the world of blogging. Seeing as I just created my first real presence on this thing called the internet, I was forced to think about what I’d put on my “Bio” page.

I wanted to be like everyone else and sell myself as this awesome photographer who’d make you (or whatever I’m photographing) beautiful. But that is such BS....



Yeah, sure, I want to sell myself as a “great photographer” so I can do what I love while at the same time make some money (tons of money actually!). And don’t you worry, I am an excellent photographer.

However, it’s not about beauty to me, or capturing the ‘real’ you.  It’s about stealing and creating.


Yep, I said stealing. I want to steal images and thoughts that you or I have in our heads, and make put them in our hands, beautiful or not, real or not.. I want to bring it into our world, make it real, even if it’s a complete fabrication. From mind to matter. Creation.

Most of what we imagine, when thinking about how we see ourselves (or any other subject), is not likely to be how it really is.  It’s what we want it to be, how we idealize it, how we fantasize about it, how we see it with our own prejudices and tastes...

Think about it… most photos you’ve ever taken, particularly in a studio environment with a “real” photographer, has been a creation (or recreation) of what you want to look like.   It’s all about creating an image… one that is as closely tied as possible to our mental image.  Who really wants a photo of ourselves that reflects as we really are, good and bad?  Not me.  That’s far too easy really.

That’s why it’s also creation.  And I love the idea that I’m a Creator.  Most of my life has been consuming, using, taking, borrowing, destroying, and a little stealing.  But now, I’m a Creator.  How cool is that?  I want to create new ways for you and others to look at things. I want to cause you to look at things differently.

And that’s why I want to steal.  Steal it because it’s not mine, heck, it’s not really yours either.  Because it’s not real.   It belongs somewhere else.  But I want it.    I want to rip that image out of the ‘unreality’ and make it real.

I want the photos I take of people to tell you something. I don't just want to take pretty pictures.. that's way too easy.

So, no matter what I put in my bio, this here is the truth plain and simple: I’m a thief and a creator.  And it’s me you want to steal that perception you have in your head and bring it to the real world for the rest of us to see.