Ooops, I may need insurance! ;)

Found an article from the BBC very interesting. It notes that a couple has successfully sued their wedding photographer for taking absolutely horrible photos (and video) of their wedding. The link is below if you're interested.

You HAVE to watch the video and slide show from the above link! They actually left in curses in the video, and since they missed the bride arriving at the church, there's text that says "bride arriving at churc, footage unavailable"... WTF??

The guys website, seems to be down not surprisingly.  And I can't honestly say that the name "Fresh Images" inspires a ton of confidence if I were looking for a photographer. Granted, they did only pay 500 pounds, which kind of fits in the "you get what you pay for" category. I don't do this exclusively for a living and I charge more than that. Granted, I'm awesome, so there's a difference! ;)

But it is warning for you potential customers, do your research!!

I did, however, with the magic of Google, find older, archived versions of the website but I can only see the text since it was done through so the images weren't archived. I'd really like to see what he had in his portfolio and whether they should have been expecting lower than great quality.

Quite honestly, after seeing some peoples wedding photographs, I would consider suing as well!

While trying to find anything about this photographer, I came across the following page: which shows many photographers. Almost all of them have nice descriptions about who they are and what they do.. all it says under the "Fresh Images" link is "Click on our website to get a free quote!"... really? That's note ever going to get me interested. Who the hell gives quotes you have to pay for in the photography world anyway? Anyway..