This is where I explain what to expect from me and what I expect from you when you make that really smart decision to hire me.

 What to expect from me:

  • Great photos first and foremost
  • Lots of communication.  We need to talk about what we're trying to achieve so that everyone is happy!  I'll throw ideas at you so you know what I have in mind.. and I want you to express to me what you have in mind as well.  I'll be best when I know what you're really hoping to get out of the session.
  • Prompt processing of images so that you get what you paid for. You'll get them when, if not before, I promised them.
  • You'll get lots of images from the shoot really quickly to post on all your social media because who wants to wait around to display your awesomeness? Not you, you want to brag on FB right NOW!
  • Someone with a plan who won't have you sitting around as I think about ideas or fiddle with my camera settings
  • I'll show up on time
  • Your session put into a video with music that you can share with family & friends
  • I'll make you laugh and we'll have a good time in general.
  • I don't do "cheesy".. please don't ask. For example, merging your photo on a rose=super cheesy

 What I expect from you:

  • Be nice and respectful and show up on time* and pay me when you're supposed to**.  Simple.
  • Trust me and relax, I'll make you look awesome don't worry! 
  • Don't try to be something different than who you are in the photos.  You'll regret it later.  Be you.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit at time of booking. I only lock in the date when you've paid the deposit.
  • Beer, gold and chocolate (ok, just kidding!)





* If you don't show up on time, that's time out of your photo shoot.  Just like yours, my time is valuable, I'll be on time and ready to shoot. Of course, there are understandable things that happen, I'm human after all, just make sure you let me know what's going on so we can work something out... remember point 2 from above.. Communication! :)

** lack of payment = lack of photos. Simple. We'll discuss payment details when we meet for coffee.