Hopefully you've already read the "Who?" page and looked at my Portfolio before you clicked here.  It's important because you need to see how good I am before you look at how expensive I am!

So, this is often where you may decide to not hire me.  I'm not cheap.  But you'll get what you pay for which is great imagery which will make your friends drool with jealousy!  And, you'll have a great time as well!

Bottom line is here is the minimum to expect when booking me. Naturally, you can write me with specific details of what you want and I'll give you a more accurate quote, and if you're particularly cool people, with a particularly fun/crazy/silly idea, then you'll probably get a discount!

My Portrait sessions (1hr) begin at 200€ and Weddings begin at 1000€ for a basic wedding (4hrs). 

Additional Hours cost more naturally. 

This is what you'll get when hiring me:

  • Disk with the selected images* so you can choose what and how many to print yourself.

  • Social network versions of all selected images which are easy to share/email.

  • An awesome video slide show of your session that you can share online to impress everyone!

  • A free pre-wedding (or "engagement") shoot with all weddings of 5 hours or longer. (weddings only of course!)

  • A free 20x30 print of your choice.

  • A good time with a fun creative guy who can lift heavy objects and speak in several languages!  Moms, children and pets love me!

  • If you want prints, I provide good rates from a professional lab.

However everything is customizable to fit your needs & budget.  So if those prices sound good or bad to you, just contact me and so we can work something out and make this the best decision you'll make today, if not ever.  I don't bite... that costs a lot extra.

*This applies to portrait sessions only. "Selected images" means the amount of images you and I agree upon in advance. This is normally at least 10. More than that costs..more. I do not give you all my images. If there is a need for you to have all acceptable** images from the shoot, it'll cost you a pretty penny. Weddings work differently, I'll explain when we talk.

** "acceptable images" are images I'm happy showing you. Sometimes "bad stuff" happens and a few are out of focus, or exposed poorly.. you will NOT see these, sorry. And you will not get my "RAW" unprocessed photos because only I have the right to edit my photos.