No voy a hablar sobre mi en la 3ª persona! No soy un "nosotros" y no soy tan grande como para que alguien escriba sobre mí.about

Lo unico que realmente quiero hacer es tomar su imagen.

Al final, mi filosofía es muy simple. Tomo fotos de personas. En lugar de decir que soy un fotógrafo de "bodas" o "retratos", soy simplementse un "fotógrafo de personas", my philosophy is quite simple.
Aplico mi estilo de fotografía a lo que sea que estás haciendo. Si te vas a casar, o necesitas retratos o simplemente quieres hacer algo divertido con la familia y/o amigos, yo meramente voy a tomar fotos padres de tu siendo parte de esto. Ver mi portolio y dime que no estás de acuerdo!

I'm supposed to write all these things about how I'm artsy and want to "capture" and "preserve" all these "special moments" for you... but all I really want to do is avoid those clichés and take kick-ass images of you looking your best doing whatever it is you're doing.

Along the way maybe we'll create some ground breaking art, maybe not. Either way, you'll be involved in creating something that is about you, for you, and shows you off in the best possible way. That's all that matters in the end. So get in touch with me so we can create something great because that’s how I roll.

Use the “Contact” form on the left, but if you prefer, you can write me an email at al@alborrelli.com or call me at +31 (0)6 11 92 40 23
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I’m always looking to start new and exciting projects, so if you think we should work together, you really should contact me right now before someone else does!