Jerky, beautiful videos....made of photos?

I've always wanted to play with video, but never really saw something I would care producing into a video.  Also, I have no skill whatsoever in filming, and I can't I'd even think of a scenario where I'd try to create something besides vacation clips!   Until now.

Videos are simply many individual images thrown at your eyes in quick succession.  Digital photography has now given us the ability to shoot these many individual images without the worry of wasting film.


With that in mind, I one day sat down with a bunch of Ikea puppets thinking of doing some interesting macro or close up photography.   I ended up with the above video which I call "A Cross-Processed Love Story"  because, well,  it's a love story, and the images are all digitally cross-processed.. heh.   As minimalistic as it is, I loved creating a story.. check that, a moving story with my images that goes beyond telling a story through a series of photos as you would normally find (ie photojournalism).  I felt I had to do something like this again.. but more real.  Less cutesy.

Then recently I came across a time lapse video made up of over 6000 images taken of the World Series by photographer Robert Camplin.  It fascinated me, and I had an upcoming trip to Paris during which I was determined to make my own, more interesting, time lapse video.

Below is the result.  Sadly, I didn't learn my lesson that if I wanted to make anything of any length whatsoever, I'd need to shoot lots and lots of photos.. more than the measly 106 (103 of which I used!) to make this video.


This video is a combination of my recent love for 50mm lens and bokeh, and my new exploration of time-lapse photography.  It's a baby step into a new world.  I can imagine lots of applications for something like this.  Imagine selling a client prints and a cool time lapse video of themselves or their client!  Yes, there is such a thing as video, but imagine the interesting element you could add to a wedding video if a section of it is done this way?

This also makes me think I need to buy a new DSLR that has HD video.. then, maybe, I could shoot actual video and recreate this effect... or is that cheating?  Hmmm..

I'm eager to see where this takes me.  Now all I need is lots more memory cards!

And if you're interested in this stuff, check out the below links from flickr to see all the stuff (some good, some bad, most simply boring) being done with time-lapse photography!